Wolves & Waterways FAQs


I understand that Wolves and Waterways is a live-in residential Immersion. Where is the house located?

Casa Luna y Lobos is located in beautiful, leafy, Midtown Sacramento, California. The house is a Victorian home, built in 1890 by the Schroeder family. As we settle more deeply into the house and the land, we are establishing a permaculture forest garden, a meditation garden and our ‘Believer Garden’ in the front. Our wider dream includes community vegetable beds in front of the house and a focus on sustainable water usage (we have already begun this process with a 5 barrel rainwater catchment system). Midtown Sacramento is home to amazing restaurants and shops within walking distance, and has a thriving bike culture.  

Is it possible to do the Immersion online?

The Immersion by its nature is designed to be done as a live-in program, learning and creating in a women’s co-operative. If you are interested in other leadership offerings please check out our services here.

Who are the Immersion facilitators?

The Facilitators are a dedicated group of Shakti Rising leaders from diverse backgrounds and trainings including (but definitely not limited to!) permaculture, alternative therapies, expressive arts, restorative justice facilitation, mindfulness, family constellation therapy, womens and ethnic studies, philanthropic consultation, fundraising, anti-racist facilitation, systems thinking and community organizing, who are called to this work and have extensive training in the Shakti Way of Teaching. We invite you to meet some of them here!

What does it mean that the Immersion is individually tailored to me?

The Wolves & Waterways program is an intentionally curated program, where the container is held very clearly and strongly within the rhythms and cycles of Shakti’s model of feminine practices, approaches and systems. Within that container, the Immersions are tailored for the needs and desired outcomes of each individual.  

It may be that you need to spend a month in respite from ‘business as usual’ and be immersed in a feminine way of living and leading. It may be that you have a big vision that you are getting ready to birth into the world and wish to be in integrity with leading from the feminine and so need skills around project management, resource development, transformational presence. You may wish to be immersed in Emergent Design through a feminine model and gain the skills to bring this knowledge back to your work and workplace. Or anything in between!

Whatever your needs and desired outcomes, we will work with you to customise the Immersion specifically for you, making sure also that it flows with the natural rhythms of nature, the dream space and the feminine. We have 19 years experience of running a successful social change organization that is based in these practices.

How many days a week does the Immersion run?

The Immersion runs 7 days a week, with natural life cycles of breaks where you are invited to see family, go on camping trips and get on the land, to discover Sacramento etc…

I need to continue to work while I am in the Immersion. Is this possible?

It is possible to do part time work while in the Immersion, and we have found that remote work especially is viable depending on the number of hours needed and the flexibility of the work.  

That being said, we have also found that being fully immersed in the program has supported the Wolves process the greatest. Please discuss your work situation with Chelsea to determine the intersections between your needs and the possibilities.

What are some of the trainings that may be offered?

To gain a sense of some of the trainings that Shakti Rising offers that may be included in your Immersion, please take a look at our yearly training calendar here. This is only a small portion of what you may receive, as due to the unique and tailored nature of the Immersion, other trainings may be offered and added on an ongoing basis. These trainings could include: how to hold council and circle, facilitating transformation from the feminine, creating a sacred container, building a business plan, budgeting, cultivation of donors and resources, culture creation, working in Kairos time, beautility, emergent design, conflict resolution and so much more.


What do the fees cover?

The cost of the program is $3000 per month. This includes:

Residential accomodation in the beautiful Casa Luna y Lobos in Midtown Sacramento.

Certified organic, mostly vegetarian food.

Access to Shakti Feminine University classes in Sacramento for the duration of your time as Wolf, on a schedule customised to your needs, skills and desired outcomes.

Access to online Shakti Feminine University classes for the duration of your time as Wolf, again,  the schedule will be customised to your needs, skills and desired outcomes.

Daily structured Leadership classes and trainings (weekdays)

Weekly 1:1 Feral Visionary Coaching Sessions with Chelsea

The support and love of your Sister Wolves and space holders in this Women’s Cooperative

I will need to travel to Sacramento to do the Immersion. Do my fees cover the airfare and other travel costs?

Airfares and other travel costs are not covered by the course fees.

Are there payment plans options?

A payment plan may be tailored to your situation. All fees must be paid by time of completion. Please discuss this with Chelsea.

Are there any scholarships from Shakti Rising to attend the Wolves and Waterways Immersion?

We occasionally offer a tuition reduction in exchange for service for active Shakti Rising volunteers. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. The balance of the monetary payment is due 15 days prior to the beginning of the month or the season of the Immersion.

I don’t have the money to attend the Immersion but I am feeling very strongly that I am meant to go. What can I do?

If you feel you are meant to do the Wolves and Waterways Immersion we invite you to make a deposit of $1000. This allows your Soul and the collective overSoul of Wolves and Waterways to know that you are committed to coming. Over and over again, we have seen that once this is done, resources start to come to those who need. Many women have used crowdfunding (such as Plumfund or GoFundMe) to be able to attend, and all who have done so have had transformational experiences of receiving.

Chelsea and our Resource Rich team is happy to sit with you to support making this possible. A part of Leadership as women is creating stronger relationships with ourselves as wealth holders.

What if I have to cancel?

If you cancel 30 days or more prior to your Immersion start date, tuition is refunded minus the deposit. The deposit can be applied to mutually determined future Immersions within 12 months.