Healing women, healing the earth

Shakti Rising has partnered up with Organic Necessity & Wee Win to create a powerful new pathway of transformation...

Organic Necessity, founded by single mom Jenni McConnell, had a vision for creating natural laundry products that protect our Earth and disrupt the laundry world while providing at-risk women with a viable way to support themselves and their families.  Together with her daughter, Jenni created WoolyBalls and other natural laundry products that are sustainable, reduce the use of energy, and help to heal our planet.  LEARN MORE ABOUT WOOLYBALLS.

WoolyBalls are handmade In the USA by women who have survived physical and emotional trauma, with an emphasis on aiding women and girls who have survived sex trafficking, domestic violence and homelessness.  Through making WoolyBalls, these women gain access to reliable income that pays a sustainable wage to support their journey of healing and recovery.

Starting in Spring 2018, Organic Necessity invited Shakti Rising to join them in their vision of creating a new economic model!  Together, we are bringing WoolyBalls to our Apprentices and the Shakti community while collaborating on new projects that will bring Shakti's model and WoolyBalls to more women throughout our communities.  

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