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Wolves & Waterways

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In 1995, the grey wolf was reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park, and this reintroduction had a profoundly positive cascading effect on the entire ecosystem of the park. Through the wolves following their natural, instinctual, wild behaviors, the flora and fauna of the park restored, the waterways returned and stabilized, and life bloomed in places where it had been eroded and missing for years.

At Shakti Rising we believe that women are the wolves of our time.

We believe that the world needs women who are willing to stand at the edges, to see the realities of the world and all of its suffering clearly while working towards manifesting a clear vision of what could be - right now.


Do you crave greater capacity to contribute & harness your leadership to serve life?

Do you want to be immersed in a soulful way of living & leading inside of community?

Are you ready to unlearn conditioning and reclaim your own inner wild - honing your instinctive, intuitive, & innate being?


Enter Wolves & Waterways… where you will be plunged into the clear waters of an alpine lake, your senses shocked to life and awakened to the wildness and the power that is within you.

The Wolves & Waterways Leadership Immersion is an individually tailored and targeted program that sits at the intersection between your needs, skills and desired outcomes and the emergent design and transformation principles that inform the heart of Shakti Rising.

Your Immersion will be customized specifically for you over a 1 month or a 3 month season, and it will flow with the natural rhythms of nature, the dream space and the feminine.

The 1 month program is specifically designed to support women leaders who are in transition, need respite from “business as usual” and want to be immersed in a soulful way of living and leading. The 3 month season is for women who have big vision and want to be fully in integrity with living and leading from the feminine.


The 3 phases of the program:


Phase 1: Embody
During phase 1, setting out on your path:

  • Deepening your perception and experience of Soul, body and earth based guidance,

  • Immersing yourself as a valuable member of the WE story of a community that is centered around and consciously living Feminine Interconnectedness,

  • Gaining practical exposure to emergent design principles and exploring how they may inform and support your vision and dreams,

  • Diving deeply, bravely and victoriously into the stories and patterns that are holding you back from becoming the powerful force for change that you need to be,

  • Living intentionally and being supported by a community of fellow Wolves to show up as your authentic self.

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My Soul called me to Shakti Rising's Wolves and Waterways Immersion, and I will be forever grateful that I listened to the call. The Immersion is intense and intensive and it challenged me daily to get real about who I am, the leader that I want to be, and what is means to live a truly alive, embodied and authentic life. I arrived as a Wolf with an idea of what I wanted my legacy in the world to be but with fear and hesitation about stepping into that legacy, and as I come to the end of my first season I am leaving with confidence and clarity about my capacity, my natural and learned gifts and with a sense of purpose that I have never experienced before.

Shakti Rising is one of those rare and beautiful things: an organization that feels deeply, loves greatly, and ACTS on what they see needs to be done to make this world a better place for all of us. They understand that in order for this world to change we all need to be playing to our highest capacity, and they ask that of themselves every day while encouraging it from everyone around them in all moments. I now know on a deep level the power of the impact I am going to make in the world and I know that through the Immersion I have the tools and the knowledge and the confidence to shape the direction that impact is going to take.

I can't recommend this Immersion enough, in fact, I hold it so highly that I am coming back in the fall for a second season. ~ Naomi Harris, Naturopath, Wolf, 2018


Phase 2: Serve

During Phase 2, translating your embodiment:

  • Owning your place in a living laboratory for feminine based leadership and community building,

  • Participating in a service learning project dedicated to where your personal work and service to the world join together,

  • Developing the tools to translate feminine work into your organizations and communities,

  • Becoming equipped to facilitate bioremediation at the edge of societal & collective suffering.

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I came here because I knew it was time to up-level. I was tired of Soul being my side-gig thing, fitting it into my 8-5 grind a few times a week when it was convenient. I felt like I needed to be shook up. To dust myself off and uncover the gold I’m meant to bring the world. And wow did I get what I prayed for and more. Get ready to stretch, leap, extend and go deep deep within—in this immersion of discovery, your growth happens at the uncomfortable edges. And you get to live with a compassionate community of women who are willing to do the work alongside you. The personal work you’d attempt to do on your own happens triple fold here because it happens collectively.

That perhaps has been one of the key realizations in my leadership these past 3 belief system around being a leader has been totally deconstructed. It’s not some big banner, up on a pedestal, solitary act. In fact, I’ve adopted a new way of being a leader moment by moment, on the ground floor and in community as shared responsibility.

If you feel the pull, say yes. It’s one of the greatest gifts I gave myself.

-Danielle Mingo, Executive Assistant, B.A. Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz, Wolf 2018


Phase 3: Activate
During Phase 3, living and leading the electric energy of mutual creation:

  • Organically closing the gap between principle and practice,

  • Enhancing your leadership in devotional service through development of your adaptive, responsive, and decisive abilities,

  • Building and leading inside of interconnected networks, the true work of collaboration,

  • Translating all that you have learned and gained into how you will serve the needs of the present and the legacy of the future aka launching yourself as a newly enSouled leader into your field of expertise.


The 1 month and 3 month Immersions are held in residence at Casa Luna y Lobos in Midtown Sacramento, living and learning in the Leadership House with your Sister Wolves. Structured training occurs over 5 to 7 days a week and is individually customized for each Wolf.

For more information or to apply, contact:
(541) 840 1820

At Casa Luna y Lobos,
Midtown, Sacramento

Wolf Song by Danielle MingoWolf, 2018(2).png