Wolves and Waterways Application Form

Welcome to the application form for the Wolves & Waterways Residential Leadership Immersion.

The essence of Shakti's approach to Leadership is “ma ka hana ka ‘ike” which means learning by doing. Wisdom is gained through experience, reflection, and evaluation.

The Wolves & Waterways program takes this essence and translates it into a fully immersive experience; a deep dive into 21st Century Leadership skills.

This immersion is an unconventional experience, and this is an unconventional application form.

Before you begin, this is our invitation to you:


Go outside and stand with your feet on the ground.

With your breath, connect into and call out the wildness deep inside of you.

With your breath, call in your Soul.

Connect to the heartbeat of the earth beneath your feet.

And then bring all of yourself to this application, we are waiting to meet you…