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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
— Winston Churchill

One way to change your life and super charge your impact on those around you is to check out your own relationship with generosity. Get curious about what we at Shakti call your real capacity to contribute. (Here’s a hint - it’s not your typical list of “assets”.) Find ways to give that are meaningful and engaging to you, including your own rhythms.  

Give your time. Give your money. Give encouragement. Give love.

Give abundantly.

and then notice what happens….

Photo by Bonnie Saab

Photo by Bonnie Saab


Your donation today is an investment in Shakti's innovative yet proven programs; an investment with returns now and tomorrow.   

We want you to give and engage in ways that are meaningful as well as sustainable. The following are ways aligned with our strategies and truly support financial sustainability for Shakti Rising.

Become a monthly donor. Invest between $10 to $35 for sustainable mission support.

A small monthly investment of:

  • $ 10 builds a garden box for women in recovery - planting food, medicine & skills

  • $ 20 ensures a woman gains financial literacy

  • $ 30 grows resilience and circles of support for women leaders in your community

Sponsor a young woman’s healing and witness the impact of your gift as an Honorary Godparent for an Apprentice in the Transformational Recovery program.

$3,600 annually or $300 monthly supports an Apprentice’s recovery and educational services for twelve months. To learn more about becoming an Honorary Godparent and explore if this unique experience is right for you, contact Christina.

Photo by Bonnie Saab

Photo by Bonnie Saab

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Other ways to give…. We love creative ideas - let’s talk!

  • Donate through transfer of stock or other assets

  • Include us in your planned giving and/or bequests

  • Choose Shakti as the beneficiary of an event or fundraiser, or throw a small fun event to raise friends and funds for our work

  • In kind donations: from garden supplies to clothing, your loved and in great condition belongings could help make our spaces beautiful homes for women