Transformation through service

Transformation Through Service is more than a volunteer program- it is the opportunity to discover and strengthen authentic leadership. We recognize the leader in everyone, and firmly believe that leadership is a way of being, not simply doing. Our approach enables us to fulfill on our larger mission to raise the next generation of leaders who lead with their hearts and to create a new paradigm with their ability to think outside the box.

Our volunteers experience the growth that occurs as a natural result of service work- learning that when serving others, we are truly serving ourselves. We are committed to providing meaningful engagement for our volunteers, in every aspect of the organization, matching organizational need with individual talents, desires and learning potential. This creates mutually beneficial relationships while engaging individuals in a lifetime of civic and philanthropic participation.

Shakti’s volunteer community is comprised of 200 individuals, ranging from students and interns, Apprentices (young women in the Transformational Recovery Program), professionals, holistic health practitioners to retirees. These individuals:

  • Share a passion and commitment for Shakti’s mission

  • Are aligned with The Heart of Shakti (our values)

  • Have a desire to learn and grow

  • Want to contribute to the larger community in a meaningful way.

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