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We are committed to contributing utility to the field meaning, where it’s possible and values aligned, we participate in research and evaluation that significantly improves our communities. As you might imagine, much of what we do is outside the box, effective, and therefore of interest. We collect strong demographic data (information that describes the people we reach) in order to engage in meaningful evaluation.


What will we tell people about the story of how we met?

People are drawn to Shakti by a desire for something more whether they know it consciously or not. When we listen to the stories told about how people came to Shakti, we are delighted and in awe about the play of fate, from following breadcrumbs to embracing bravery or simply acting on instinct. From your stories we learn about you, about us, and how we can lead powerfully together.


Something to know about us: we are ardent believers in leadership, community service, and civic engagement.  We actually view ALL our volunteers as potential leaders who are engaged in service learning.  We use the words volunteerism, service, and leadership interchangeably; our spin on service is an elemental part of wisdom communities.

If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. - Lilla Watson 


Shakti Rising is an alchemical journey wherein one’s own inner healing and service to the world join together.  Leadership in general and our work in particular is a magnet that pulls up our deeper stuff (hence why we call our volunteer program Transformation Through Service).


You’re entering into the homestretch, and if we’ve done our part well you’re either more intrigued...or you’re out.

Here’s what we know about leadership: it’s evolving, alive, wild, demanding, and requires us to keep our tush in the hot seat much of the time. It’s also deeply joyful, fun, and an honor rich with wonder and best shared with others.

It’s also about action. Leadership is a verb, not a thing. A little more inquiry and exploration will help us find your right seat to start. So, let’s get down to it, shall we?

12.  Mark the roles(s) you feel called to and up for:

Transformational Recovery Program

Shakti Feminine University

14.  I'm available to commit to the following hours or events:

17.  Provide 3 references.  Please include a woman between the ages of 15-30 if possible as well as someone familiar with your leadership and/or service in the community.

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