Volunteer Application

Shakti Rising is a living laboratory for feminine leadership.

The essence of Shakti's approach to leadership is “ma ka hana ka ‘ike” which means through doing one learns. Wisdom is gained through experience, reflection, and evaluation.

Volunteering with Shakti Rising is a leadership cultivation pathway where service is a catalyst for mutual growth: ours, yours, and the community. This is not far fetched--rather, we have seen it to be quite evidenced-based. 

Service/volunteerism is the lifeblood of our communities, essential to the upkeep of our town commons and democracy. There is something real to be given and gained from the process of giving.

It’s time to step back into the ways of the village, knowing we all have a part to play in the health and creativity of our communities, and that inside each of us is the seed of leadership.

Some theories that are now gaining traction are ones we have been practicing for almost 20 years: emergent design, project-based leadership, adaptive/resilient leadership, resonant leadership….we could go on.

Your service here is really an internship in old ways with emerging forms.

If in reading this you can feel you’re in the right spot, even if you don’t know why, or in what way then, friend, journey on into the application. It’s both a way to get acquainted and a key to unlock the door to your leadership journey at Shakti.