Transformational Recovery 

Once there was a girl whose heart had been locked up. Her voice had been taken and her spirit chained to a great stone at the bottom of the deepest ocean. She felt totally alone and powerless, trudging through the endless desert. One day, she came to an oasis and found there a circle of wise women, waiting for her. They washed her feet and held her while she cried and cried. Together they unlocked her heart, reclaimed her voice, and swam through the ancient waters to untether her soul…

transformational recovery Program

The Transformational Recovery program is a dynamic, evidence based program for women that comprehensively addresses co-existing issues such as:

  • disordered eating

  • physical, emotional or sexual trauma

  • grief or loss

  • depression and low self-esteem

  • substance abuse

  • codependency

  • anxiety

Shakti Rising’s unique and effective empowerment-based model of service delivery displaces orthodox methods by being: woman-centered, holistic, trauma-informed, expressive arts based, community led, sustainable and leadership-oriented. 

the Intensive apprenticeship

The Shakti Rising Apprenticeship is a sisterhood that provides the support and tools for young women ages 15-30 to tap into their own wisdom, power and resiliency, ultimately reclaiming their whole selves and becoming leaders within their families, social networks, and communities. Women work with an integrated team addressing their mind, body, and spirit through various healing modalities including:

  • whole-person focused education

  • individual and group therapeutic sessions

  • expressive arts therapy

  • yoga, dance and expressive movement

  • meditation

  • nutritional counseling

  • a blend of Eastern, Western and naturopathic medicine

  • shamanic journeying

  • energy healing and more…



The Apprenticeship can be both residential and non-residential.  Women can live in our house or participate while living at home and coming to our campus for services. The program is designed to be individualized, responsive to the unique needs of each woman who comes to our door.  On average, the Apprenticeship is a 2-3 year program.  

Program costs are: 

Residential: $1,500 per month
includes full room and board including organic, vegetarian meals, organic gardens, healing services, movement, educational courses, counseling, and therapeutic groups.  

Non Residential: $600 per month
includes all healing services, movement, educational courses, counseling, and therapeutic groups.

We offer sliding scales, scholarships, donor match programs and more.  Our commitment is to support every woman who comes to us, regardless of financial capacity.

"This is what I carry in my heart with me today, deep love and gratitude for myself, my gifts, my presence, and all of life and humanity. I value myself and my presence. This value is something that is innate and emanates from within me. This is the biggest gift I have received from my transformation process.  

Before coming to Shakti, I had no self-confidence, self-worth, or internal value. I felt I placed all of my worth in other people’s opinions of me. I was disconnected and non-trusting of myself. I was a drug addict, I had an eating disorder and I isolated myself. I was unable to earn an income for myself and manage my life with all of my insecurities that invaded and infected my life like poison...

All of these issues were and are still intertwined. My story of transformation is proof of the healing power of this program. I have the skills to be able to build and sustain inner resilience and strength, and the ability to unwind and let go of all of the enmeshment and the damage that low self worth has had on my life." - Shakti Rising Graduate

Learn more today

To get started in your recovery and healing journey with Shakti Rising, call us today at 619-501-2746 or contact Angie Hensley.  Our first step will to be to share more with you over the phone about our program and schedule an initial assessment.

Additional services


Seasonal Apprenticeship

Designed for women who are either not ready or needing a long term program or who are older than 30, we offer modified Apprenticeship programs that can be participated on a seasonal or annual commitment.  

The Seasonal Apprenticeship is for women who come to live at the Recovery House for a season and fully participate in the Apprenticeship.  This is ideal for times of transition, when need some intensive healing, and for deep restoration and soul healing work.  Cost is $1,800 for full room and board and all included services.  Scholarships, sliding scales, and payment plans are available.  LEARN MORE TODAY


Individual services

We offer a variety of individual services for anyone in our community who wants to do their healing work within the Shakti Rising model.

Individual therapeutic sessions follow a more  traditional form of individual session, while drawing on  Shakti's unique model of transformational recovery.  LEARN MORE TODAY

Cost: $90 per session of $250 for a package of three.

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