Coaching for Feral Visionaries

“The feral woman is a woman making her way back. She is learning to wake up, pay attention, stop being naïve, uninformed. She takes her life in her own hands. To re-learn the deep feminine instincts, it is vital to see how they were decommissioned to begin with.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Feral Visionary Woman,

Have you woken up, taken your life in your own hands, and are ready to take it to the next level?

Are you birthing a big vision that every part of your being is yearning to release into the world?

Do you have a legacy to leave?

Do you ache to be fully in alignment with leading and living and loving from the feminine?


Coaching for Feral Visionaries is for those who understand that this isn’t just about the individual, but is about raising feminine consciousness on the planet.

“…my belief system around being a leader has been totally deconstructed. It’s not some big banner, up on a pedestal, solitary act. In fact, I’ve adopted a new way of being a leader moment by moment, on the gro-9.jpg

A feral visionary is an embodied feminine leader, soulful, guided and fully aligned with her values. She has a profound, resilient connection to spirit and to the earth and lives and acts in deep integrity with herself.

A feral visionary is the Queen of her Queendom, able to plan and implement short and long term solutions for what she sees what is needed for the health of herself and the world around her.

A feral visionary is a devoted and devotional leader, she knows what she needs to hold herself strong and capable of following through with what needs to be done. She uses movement, meditation and ritual to support herself on her path.


Coaching for Feral Visionaries will:

  • give you the tools to implement vision and inspiration into action

  • reveal paths to your mastery that you have not considered

  • identify blocks that you have to being your biggest Wild Self

  • support you to build deeper relationships with the unseen forces that are supporting you in your work

  • provide you with a deep inner knowing of your role in the feminine consciousness raising that is needed on this planet

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About Chelsea

Chelsea is the living embodiment of the radical power of following your longing. Committing herself to shamanic studies when she was 13, she yearned for the remembering and living of ancient ways.  Her calling has led her near and far seeking radical immersion in service. She's assisted births in Tanzania, worked with Women in Action on economic empowerment, supported the Masai with women’s advocacy work, facilitated women’s healing circles in Greece, promoted women’s rights in India, worked in North Indian orphanages and at Mother Theresa’s Home for the Destitute, and double majored in Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies at Mills College. Chelsea is a gifted energy practitioner, dream worker, and continues her shamanic practices with Peruvian elders and indigenous wisdom keepers. For her, the restoration of the Feminine is the most important work on this planet.