Shakti Feminine University

Shakti Rising is fostering social change by offering innovative education and leadership programs through Shakti Feminine University (SFU). SFU programs are built on an educational foundation  that cultivates  self-aware and socially conscious women leaders who wholeheartedly accept the responsibility and power of being agents of transformation.  

SFU believes that making real impact depends on the proliferation of heart-centered, risk-taking, integrous women leaders who live their lives and do business radically differently. Further, SFU exists to forward the vision that these women leaders are meant to occupy significant leadership positions spanning all fields, disciplines and spheres of influence.

Ultimately, the goal of SFU is to create 21st Century leaders who can foster healthy, vibrant, interdependent communities that are sustainable and adaptable, creatively and effectively engaging the resources present in our communities and in society at large.

Perhaps most significantly, SFU is committed to ensuring that these 21st Century leaders learn the tools to navigate the unknown. In climates of accelerating, unprecedented rates of change, where leaders across sectors struggle to lead their key initiatives in a way that bridges us into our future’s solutions, we seek to equip these individuals to see around the next corner. We at Shakti Rising know that great leaders must not underestimate the forthcoming changes in both “business as usual”  and our lives as a whole.  At SFU we understand that as leaders we must be equipped to anticipate potential disruption and instability and identify patterns to create solutions that respond to our current challenges in lieu of reacting to them. We want great leaders to shape our future, not react to it.

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Our SFU Offerings

Transformational Education Courses

Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training

Professional Development