Shakti Feminine University: frequently asked questions

Who typically attends Shakti Feminine University classes?

Women of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, backgrounds, longings, desires, fears. And some men, too! If you are younger than 16, we recommend you reach out to us first to ensure our class is a good fit.

I'm new and not sure where to begin.  What is a good course to start with?

Salt of the Earth. This is one of our signature foundational courses that is powerful for EVERYONE, no matter where you are in your journey. Start here! It will provide a ground up orientation to your healing journey or like salt, enhance wherever you are.  

What do I need to bring to each class?

Always bring a journal and a pen. We always encourage you to come prepared to care for yourself, too, so water, comfortable layered clothing, snacks, and anything else that is unique to you. Any materials or other needs specific to the class will be communicated prior to attending.

What is your refund policy?

Generally, refunds are not given. Under certain exceptional circumstances, you may receive tuition credit to be used within one calendar year. Students who stop attending classes without notifying the Shakti Rising office forfeit all claims for refund or credit of tuition fees. All requests for refunds or credit must go through the Business office. Please email

What is your payment plan policy?

By making an initial payment on a payment plan option, you are committing to pay the full balance of the class regardless of your attendance. Requests for credits or refunds must go through the Business office. Please remember that we are a small, grassroots organization with minimal administrative staff. We offer payment plans to increase accessibility to our services but ask that in return, you do your best to follow through with your commitment. Please email with any questions.

I can't afford the cost of a class.  What should I do?

We want everyone to participate, even if you are financially unable to meet the cost. We provide scholarships, payment plans, work trade, and are open to other kinds of creative exchange. To request support, contact the regional director or teacher for the class you are considering.