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Sovereign Remedies: A Shakti Refresher

  • ONLINE - in the Shaktiverse (map)

Have you ever taken a Shakti Rising class? Joined a circle or participated in a training or workshop? Are you thirsty for more but also have a full plate this summer?

Join us for a FREE self-paced, online refresher course! (Sovereign Remedies is for you if you’ve taken any class/workshop/circle at Shakti, EVER. )

This month-long self-paced full sensory experience will provide juicy bits from various Shakti offerings, spanning whole body wellness, financial resourcery, and embodied feminine leadership. Shaktify your summer - and turn up the volume on your soul!

Register now for this FREE class:

Classroom opens Sept 9th

This course is for YOU, so move through the parts that light you up or challenge you in a life-affirming way at the pace that works for YOU - that might mean you check out the website a couple times this week, or you read the weekly entire email and do the journaling practices and ritual that very night. You Do You. There is nothing you need to put on your calendar, there is no deadline or scheduled classtime. Listen to your own desire and inspiration, and follow those voices.

All of what you'll find in the 4 weekly emails is on our Sovereign Remedies website, where we also have our own Community Forum, a place for us to connect and share the wealth of our own knowings.