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Persephone's Journey

As humans, using mythology and story telling allows us to access primal parts of our psyche, those parts that understand life in ways that our conscious mind cannot.

The myth of Persephone allows us to 'sit with our ick'. To be present with what is painful in our lives while being deeply held in ceremony and ritual and supported to build resilience and skills to be authentically present without creating more suffering.

In PJs you will learn how to be deeply present in sacred circle, facilitating intimacy with yourself and others.

Through creativity and art, music, movement, sound therapy, journaling and story telling you will travel into the depths of your underworld and come back out again a changed person.

As PJs is a facilitated journey with each class building on the one before, commitment to attend the entire journey from Fall through to Spring equinox is required.

The investment for this 6 month course is $900. If you need a payment plan, please email

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  • Save 15% if you pay in full before the class start date. Use discount code UNDERWORLD

  • If you are interested in accompanying monthly therapeutic sessions with one of our trained therapists, please select Persephone’s Journey package at checkout. This includes 6 sessions and the 6 month Persephone’s Journey. The sessions are heavily discounted at $50 per session with a 15% discount applied.

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