Meet Our Leadership Team

There is a community of hundreds of incredible people across the country that make Shakti Rising possible.  Truly, we would be lost without everyone's incredible support.  

High Priestess of Alchemy

High Priestess of Alchemy

Shannon  Thompson

Founder, Visionary Director

Shannon is a truth-teller, life-long learner, organizational consultant and leadership coach pulling from her certifications as a yoga instructor, massage therapist, flower essence practitioner, ordained minister; and training in herbalism, nutrition, energy psychology, aromatherapy and expressive arts therapy.  She lives life with a juicy, fierce, tender fiery passion. Her superpowers are loving the unloveable, and using her powers for Good. Shakti Rising is her destiny, her dharma and her daily choice.  


Queen of the Green

Queen of the Green

Janice Hsu

Business development director

Janice is our number one wing woman, always tending to the unseen details as our Business Director to make sure our work thrives.  She has extensive experience including grassroots social justice work in inner city Oakland to helping nonprofits develop and small business management.   Janice began at Shakti Rising as a volunteer in 2009 and has since held various formal roles in the organization, lending to an embedded knowing of our models and systems.  She has mastered the integration of structures and systems into a fluid and feminine model that involves shared leadership and continual inquiry.  

Mistress of Plenty

Mistress of Plenty

Christina Kiesel

Director of abundance

Christina currently leads Resource Development and engages our spectrum of stakeholders in their various capacities to contribute as a natural asset-mapper.  Over the last decade she has worked in community development throughout San Diego County and around the world.  Christina devoted herself to macro-level redevelopment projects, channeling her passion for community building into a platform to help communities redefine themselves as they work toward progressive social change.

NorCal Regional Leader:

Mistress of Spices

Mistress of Spices

Eden Trenor

Shakti Feminine University

Eden is a Seattle-born song carrier who has worked in a woman-owned bicycle shop in Cuba, started a farmer’s market in her Washington hometown, led circles in San Quentin prison, studied permaculture, and lived in over a dozen countries. Some say she resembles a redwood tree. Weaving her varied life experiences is a deep desire to learn and cross-pollinate the regenerative cultural practices that birth creative, peaceful, interdependent people and communities. Her soul’s calling is to steward and share the visceral experience of magic, creativity and peace that come from being in relationship with All of Life.


NorCal Regional Leader

Priestess of Psyche

Priestess of Psyche

Angie Hensley

National Transformational recovery director 

Angie Hensley, LMFT, National Transformation Recovery Clinical Supervisor, is a therapist, teacher, consultant and Human Sexuality PhD student. She is a certified focusing oriented therapist with extensive training in psychoanalysis and 17 years of transformative group facilitation experience. Angie’s superpowers are her contagious joyful delight coupled with an ability to navigate the depths of darkness when needed. AKA “your ride or die chick”.

NorCal Regional Leader & Guardian

Lady of Devotional Leadership

Lady of Devotional Leadership

Chelsea Cotton

Director of Alchemical leadership

Chelsea is the living embodiment of the radical power of following your longing. Committing herself to shamanic studies when she was 13, she yearned for the remembering and living of ancient ways.  Her calling has led her near and far seeking radical immersion in service. She's assisted births in Tanzania, worked with Women in Action on economic empowerment, supported the Masai with women’s advocacy work, facilitated women’s healing circles in Greece, promoted women’s rights in India, worked in North Indian orphanages and at Mother Theresa’s Home for the Destitute, and double majored in Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies at Mills College. She is a gifted energy practitioner, dream worker, and continues her shamanic practices with Peruvian elders and indigenous wisdom keepers. For her, the restoration of the Feminine is the most important work on this planet.

Priestess of Wisdom Tending

Priestess of Wisdom Tending

Breyn Hibbs

Tribal guardian of Oregon

Breyn Hibbs leads with a brilliant and vast heart, striving to reawaken the Divine Feminine on the planet.  She has studied around the world from Nepal to Costa Rica and returned to her home state of Oregon to open Shakti Rising and her yoga studio, Sol Alchemy in Bend.  She holds a Master’s in Peace & Justice Studies, is a certified yoga teacher and Reiki master.  Her heart was opened to her purpose as an authentic woman and leader when she was introduced to feminism and its inherent, necessary connection to spiritual growth.


Joyce Garay

Tribal Guardian of New Mexico

Joyce’s story is coming!


Kim Bushore-Maki

tribal guardian of tennessee

A soul-driven woman, Kim understands the undeniable urge to create a business and a life filled with meaning and purpose. Her vision – to create a community in which the feminine is valued and honored – lead her to open Shakti in the Mountains in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Kim is a professional licensed counselor and certified yoga teacher. She safely and compassionately guides women in heart-centered, immersion experiences and encourages them to re-connect with their heart, mind, body and soul.