May WE be always coming home

Now I see that the journey was never meant to lead to something new... that it has always been about coming home to who I really am

For many our feeling for home is built from sensory relationships: smell, vision, memory, emotions. Allen writes that, "home is built from emotions that create a holistic sense of the self...". In our 18th year, initiated on our birthday this month, we are gathering and writing our collective story, finding Shakti's true sense of home in the growing community that makes up the very DNA of our work. At our recent All Tribes retreat hosting senior leaders from our 5 regions and advocates from communities who are embracing our national work, we began a listening project, mapping who we represent and this what we found.


From many geographies reaching far east to the Appalachians, to the Hopi lands, to the deep southwest desert women of New Mexico, with sisters in Africa, Kauai and the corners of Canada. 
We are entrepreneurs, systems builders, gardeners, and orchard growers.
We are disruptors, mystics, pioneers. 
We are leaders, cultural creatives, and artists.
We are foreigners, natives, and peoples both forgotten and remembered.
We are dreamers, risk-takers, academics, seed savers and philanthropists.
We are farmers, poets, teachers and revolutionists. We are ceremonialists and healers. We are both the shop clerk and the artisan who shares its wares. We are decendents of the oppressed and the oppressors themselves. We are tenders of the land, rivers, and deep oceans.

We are mothers, daughters, fathers and sons.
We give life and bring regenerative cycles to the forefront of the town commons.
We are a home for both unlikely and traditional leaders. We are a bridge to worlds unknown.
We are cultural carriers of many different traditions. 

We are a unifier of unlikely communities in hostile landscapes.

On this 18th year...we'd love to hear who you represent, if you feel compelled to share your stories. As you: