Practical Alchemy​: Temple of the Feminine

Join us in the temple of the Feminine...

Practical Alchemy is a gateway to a way of teaching and facilitating that embeds the goal of sustainable transformation, embodiment, resilience, soulful community, and true freedom in everything we do, regardless of where we are or what we're up to.

Building upon the often un-sung work of the radical educators, freedom fighters and loving leaders who came before us, the diverse and wondrous community of Shakti Rising are stepping up to our task. We are committed to lifting up women who are ready to teach, to facilitate, to lead, to parent, to cooperate, and to act from the place that most compels us, that gets us up out of our seats to dance, to cheer, to rise in silent protest.

Practical Alchemy is the place to immerse in that depth, all the while learning by doing radical facilitation, from the Feminine.

We invite you to gather in the temple of the Divine Feminine to remember your birthright.

Join us at at Practical Alchemy, a four-day residential immersion that invites each one of us to take our divine knowingness and cultivate the compassionate and fierce power that is Embodied Feminine Leadership.

It’s about crystallizing all you have done for others and taking your community work to the next level.

It’s about being the teacher and leader you already are, while deepening your ability to work in charged, chaotic settings with a deep inner anchor that provides stability for others.

It’s about learning practical and effective energetic tools to correct fatigue, reconnect deeply with your source, and avoid burnout.

It’s about quickening the path to healing, changing the collective conversation, and laying the groundwork for radical community transformation.

Practical Alchemy training is for...

  • Community leaders, front line crusaders, social instigators, and paradigm shifters

  • Women who want to lead from the feminine and guide others to do the same

  • Women who have long been on the front lines of social change and are ready to lean into their power

  • Women-led organizations who want to unleash the fullest potential of their team

  • Fempreneurs and corporate changemakers who are ready to become even more visible

  • Professionals who want to learn how to create a sacred container for the difficult conversations that are needed at this time

You will be immersed in…

The Shakti Rising model, founded in holistic, feminine-centered, and sustainable roots which cultivate the ability to facilitate an alchemical approach to transformation.

You will learn...

  • Embodied Feminine Leadership

  • Community Based Learning: Circles and Conversations

  • Sacred Containers: Creating the Cauldron

You will explore...

  • Expressive arts, ritual & ceremony

  • Experiential learning techniques & real time teach-backs

  • Ancient ways of being and knowing

  • Reflections & resiliency

  • Eco-centric learning

If you are like many of us, this speaks deeply to you. We know from the hundreds of women who have graduated from Practical Alchemy that this training is the beginning of a deep awakening. It is a wisdom-invoking facilitator crash course that explores Teacher as Leader and Leader as Teacher.

October 19-22, 2017 - Portland, Oregon

The temple awaits you, dear sister. We are gathering in circle, waiting, watching, steadfast like the moon through her cycles, holding both dark and light.  We are calling to you, singing your name into the sky because we know your time has finally come.