It’s Back to School Season at Shakti Feminine University!

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“Learning is a place where paradise can be created.” - bell hooks

Learning is not limited to what occurs in conventional classrooms; learning is the act of welcoming life to transform us and compel us to liberate ourselves and one another to create the world we long for.  This is the basis of Shakti’s educational philosophy.

At this year’s annual All Tribes gathering (a magical convergence where our senior leaders gather to reflect, vision and strategize for the coming year), our community of teachers and students taught us that we learn best when we are surrounded by beauty, invited to put our learning into tangible practice with others, treated with respect, and encouraged to discover and teach back what we’re learning. We also know that as learners, we long for joyous space for curiosity, creative expression, space for integration, truth-telling, embodiment and connection to source.

After 18 years of offering high-impact transformational education that supports multiple learning styles, speaks to the soul and fortifies individual students as well as communities, Shakti Rising has officially launched Shakti Feminine University! We are beyond joyful to announce that, as of this fall, we are offering Shakti’s signature classes at five campuses around the country:

  • Sol Alchemy Temple in Bend, Oregon

  • Sacramento/Davis and Petaluma/Novato in northern California

  • San Diego, California

  • Las Cruces, New Mexico

  • Shakti in the Mountains in Johnson City, Tennessee

Sign-up for classes here! If you don’t live in a formal Shakti region, email and we’ll be happy to explore creative options to support your Shaktified education.