Shakti's Year End Message


What is the story we will tell our children’s children? How do we walk with grace through a world thrust into chaos? How do we face our own assumptions, fears, grief and shadows while holding space for others to face their own? Sometimes there are more questions than answers. Sometimes the answer is to simply sit with the question. The Shakti approach to being and teaching in the world begins with our curiosity and offers tools to access our internal capacity to move through disruption and conflict.  

Shakti Rising has spent the last 18 years preparing women to lead in difficult times. If there were ever a moment in history to embrace transformation as a way of life, this is it. The Heart of Shakti has expressed our vision for so many years. As a movement, we have leveled up just when the world needs us most: Shakti Feminine University (SFU) launched this fall in five regions, blending healing and social change with systems-oriented design — an eco-based approach to addressing the complex issues of our time.

SFU shares the tools and technologies that help us forge into the unknown, living into new paradigms, creating the systems and the world we want to live in. Through SFU, leaders and communities cultivate the capacity to be systemic, hold the long view, draw on nature and other cultures, deal with rapidly changing factors and develop sustainable, enduring, creative approaches to being. We are activating bold, soulful, feminine leaders capable of midwifing new solutions to community challenges.

Shakti’s momentum is growing nationally and globally. We invite you to be a part of this tremendous work and support the soil that empowers this movement to grow. Your generative contribution at this time supports:

  • Liberation education programming through SFU to over 1,000 individuals across Shakti’s five formal regions
  • An international network of formal and informal women leaders who are creating grassroots change within local and global communities.  

Take a moment to read The Heart of Shakti. We invite you to choose one line and practice living it each day. “We believe in the power of our real life choices, knowing mundane actions can have the most far reaching implications”. May our laboratory of leadership forwarding social change be activated in your passion, sewn on your heart, and seeded in your life. Together we will rise — to our dignity, collective freedom, and the world we have yet to manifest.

With the strength of our belief and the rigor required to live it,

Our Tribal Guardians,