Navigating Life’s Rhythms of Change

Happy Fall! The changing of the seasons always allows for some reflection on transition. In Northern California, we're lucky enough to see the transition happen as the leaves begin to fall and change colors. Transitions evoke all kinds of feelings - Excitement, concern, fear, joy, impatience.

I find that I do well with in-stage transition, but the calm after the storm can be a little rough. I'll use moving to a new place as an example (I've done that a lot!). I am high energy, so I can easily get into the flow and excitement of looking for a place, packing my stuff, getting furniture, organizing and rearranging. Eventually I settle in and get to business of living within the rhythm of daily life... But then what? Left unchecked, my mind can go to some tricky places and confuse stability with depression. If my personal recovery isn't solid, a serene existence can look like boredom and get me thinking..."Is it time for a change?" At my best, I can enjoy stability for exactly what it is.

Grief can be a thorn of transition. Last year, someone that I loved passed away and transitioned into a new realm of the spirit (or as the Lakota say, "walked on"). It was an incredibly painful transition that felt like it stretched over a lifetime. There are days when that transition still feels incomplete.

Vitality and opportunity are the roses of transition. When windows close, curtains can open to a vision of possibility. Transitions allow for rebirth, re-creation, and renewal. Transitioning to a new job, a new city, or into a new relationship can be exhilarating.

I find that I am best equipped to handle transition when I am grounded in community and willing/able to accept the support of those who love me!