Walking My Talk

Walking my talk isn’t easy, but before I can even get to the walk, I have to look at my talk. Am I using my voice to speak truth to power, lift up others, and promote peace? Or am I using my words to engage in negativity, gossip, or destruction? My talk is informed by my beliefs and values.

I’ve had the experience of saying one thing, but doing another, and it never feels good. Integrity with my word is really important and every day is filled with opportunities to get a little better. Telling the truth, setting boundaries, treating others with kindness, and practicing patience are all concrete ways that I can “walk” my talk. But sometimes I feel so justified in acting out of alignment with my values – When I’m judgmental and critical of others, I’m basically paying for two second satisfaction with an indefinite period of discomfort.

Staying in service has helped me walk my talk. If I share a suggestion with a woman I sponsor, I need to have taken that suggestion myself or be fully willing to take it in the future. If I tell someone that it is important to be on time, I better be on time. I’ll never walk perfectly, but my step gets a little sturdier every time I act in alignment with my values and tell the truth when I don’t.