Grief of Domestication


Grief of Domestication

ReWilding with Mama Earth

By Angie Hensley

The earth itself is alive and sentient. This idea of “world soul” or “Anima Mundi” is used in Jungian psychology to link the archetype of the great mother with the planet. This is the animating force of the world. There is a relational field between people and nature. As we have attempted to domesticate our land, we have felt increasingly domesticated ourselves- trapped, tamed, civilized. There is a longing present in our human-nature soulscape for re-wilding.

At Shakti, we are interested in supporting people to cultivate vibrant, embodied lives connected to community rather than isolated and alienated and connected to a planet ensouled rather than inanimate. As we reclaim our sensual, bodily experience, we connect with our environment and other people. This connection leads us to a desire to care for one another and as Abram says in The Spell of the Sensuous, a “rejuvenation of our carnal, sensorial empathy with the living land that sustains us.” 

Embodiment and the focus on sensuality and pleasure as a source of power, aliveness and creativity equips us with a sense of enoughness. There is a way in which becoming embodied and being in touch with the sensual aspect of nature strengthens our connection to a resource rich ecosystem. We come to our knowing from inside our bodies and as fully embedded and connected to our environment. Having a lived sense of our place in the web of life, the world is critical to our collective survival. This is how we rewild. Get your feet in the dirt, listen to the birds song, collect rocks and feathers, listen to what the earth is saying to you in her non human language. That is your wild mother tongue and you need her as much as she needs you to remember.