We are so very asset rich!

One of the social messages that is pushed onto us all the time is that there isn’t enough to go around. That there aren’t enough resources, hours, people, love, beauty, dollars in the world for us to all have enough. That in order for me to have enough, you need to have less or none.

This is a lesson that is taught to us from the very beginning of our lives, and I believe it has a far stronger hold than most of us imagine.

Does this land as true for you? If you reflect on the ways that you view the world, do you worry that you don’t have enough? That you have to hold on to what you do have in case it disappears?

As a woman recovering from disordered eating with an ongoingly wobbly sense of my own beauty and overall worth, after decades working through my education around wealth I still catch myself on social media thinking horrible, judgemental things about other women who are thinner, more beautiful, more wealthy, more ‘obviously’ lovable than I am. Because if they are going to be the beautiful and lovable one in the room, that leaves no space for me. When there isn’t enough to go around…

It is time for all of us to take a stand against all of the scarcity messaging we receive and see that there really is enough to go around. That we are all far richer than we can even imagine.

One of the practices that we teach here at Shakti Rising is ‘Asset Mapping’, drawing a diagram of what our true assets are so that we can see that we truly have enough.

We map assets in areas that aren’t often considered to be wealth, far outside of the common ‘material resources’. Want to have a go? What is your wealth in knowledge, skills, life experiences, things that blow your hair back (bring you joy and excitement!)?

What are your assets in people, your faith, the environment, time, beauty and support networks?

This is a powerful tool that we can all use to counter this messaging of scarcity so that we can meet each other from a place of abundance and possibility. Which is a big small step to changing the nature of our society.

So tell me: what is one asset that you have identified didn’t realize that you have?