Nor Cal

Sacramento, North Bay, San Francisco, Santa Cruz

In 2009 Shakti came to the San Francisco Bay Area, in hopes to collaborate and build partnerships with other organizations that were doing powerful work and help support and create a stronger thriving community. The longer Shakti was in the Bay, the more we discovered that although important work was being done, no organizations were bringing community buildingwomen's work and transformational leadership development melded together in one model from the root up. Shakti had something different to offer that was needed, and due to the regional landscape and diverse populations, sectors, universities, research and more, Nor Cal has enabled Shakti to foster and forward our most advanced leadership programs. It has become Shakit's incubation lab for the formalization of our leadership development services.

Since 2009, we have expanded our services and partnerships to include a network of micro-regions including Sacramento, North Bay, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz largely due to a passionate and committed tribe of women who are bringing forth Shakti's work into their lives, businesses, families, and communities.

In Spring 2018, we are launching 2 new locations in Nor Cal: Casa Luna Y Lobos in Sacramento and the SFU Hub in Sebastopol.  Learn about our Barn Raising efforts here!

Our regional Leadership

Chelsea Cotton - Tribal Guardian of Nor Cal
Angie Hensley - Priestess of Psyche, National Transformational Recovery Director
Eden Trenor - Mistress of Spices, Shakti Feminine University
Jordan Stanton - Regional Master Teacher
Michaela Daystar - Regional Master Teacher, Shakti Feminine University Coordinator  Megan Morgan - Regional Master Teacher                                                   Marcela Veron - NorCal Tribal Leader                                                                  Gypsy Andrews - NorCal Tribal Leader                                                                Jessica Vargas - NorCal Tribal Leader                                                                  Alex Williams - NorCal Tribal Leader