New Mexico

We are the New Mexcio Shakti Tribe…

A sisterhood of dynamic women, dedicated to transformation as a way of life and living the Heart of Shakti together.  Our Invitation is for You to Join Us!

In January 2013, Carli Romero with the support of some big believers launched Shakti Rising New Mexico in Las Cruces.  Through her vision of change and possibility, Carli saw the potency magic of what could unfold for her beloved state of New Mexico through Shakti's model and programs.  Since then, Shakti Rising New Mexico has delivered educational services across the state, provided professional development to key community organizers and social service providers, supported cross border work in Juarez, and strengthened a community of powerful, fierce women leaders.  

the new mexico advisory board

  • Stephanie Preciado-Shelton
  • Sara Melton
  • Karla Fernandez
  • Daisy Maldonado 
  • Mary Nuñez
  • Yvonne El Ashmawi
  • Johana Bencamo

Our Regional Leadership

Deidra Schaub
Mary Nuñez
Nia Rucker