Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike
”the learning is in the doing.”
— Hawai'ian phrase

Imagine, for a moment, this world:
Every woman is viewed as whole and possessing the inherent capacity to lead.
Leadership cultivation begins with empowering women to lead their own lives by living authentically.
A multitude of safe, supportive environments exist for women to practice and share leadership learning.
Because it is strengths based, all women know they have unique contributions and simply do it.
Women’s leadership is known as necessary to the health of communal life, and is everywhere.
That this vision is possible, desirable and in other words, the new norm.

Shakti’s approach to leadership is focused on unleashing the inherent leadership potential within women and girls.  We do this by focusing on empowering women to lead from the feminine in all aspects of their lives.   We blend  service learning/leading (actually learning by doing) with classes/trainings and personal/collective transformation work.

We believe this is the sweet spot

And the only pathway to the type of leadership our communities need.

We are convinced that you have things to contribute to our work, and to your own world, that might only become visible when you have been oriented and familiar with our approach, language and practices. 

In short, we are training you because we believe you matter

and we have taken the long view- this is all about cultivating people to go the the next level in themselves and their lives, not just about what kind of work we can get from you in the short term. Although, make no mistake, we intend to draw forth and out the best of you- individually and collectively.

So, leaders, welcome.

To the vision of a world where women’s leadership is understood as a remedy and a given for this beautiful world we are stewarding. May your practices here be fruitful and may we all be better for them. Enjoy the journey!

leadership services


Bite the apple

This is an experiential journey through the multidimensional model that Shakti Rising engages to provide our unique approach to social change through the Feminine.  The training itself includes an embodied approach to transmit the understanding of the model that invokes the seven pillars of our philosophy: woman-centered, trauma-informed, holistic, expressive-arts based, community based, sustainable, and leadership oriented.   When you have completed this training, we trust you will be ignited on the pathway of transformation through  service.  

Bite the Apple is delivered in a various regions - check our calendar for the next Bite in your region or contact Chelsea to learn more.

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shamanic leadership coaching

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition, truly, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. One could view shamanism as the universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all indigenous tribes. 

Shamanic leadership consulting will support you in learning ancient ways to work with the unseen, to journey to other realms in support of your own leadership healing as well as the collective, you will learn to intimately work with your guides as part of the leadership way, and build your energetic toolbelt.

Sessions can include; power animal retrievals, soul retrievals, learning to work with energies and know how to clean, clear, align, and more. 

Hour and a half sessions
One session: $150, Three sessions $400

Contact Chelsea to schedule an information session today.