Welcome to Shakti Feminine University

Welcome to the wild ride of Shakti Feminine University - a very unorthodox place of learning...in all the right ways. A place where, in any given moment, you might be asked to step out of the student’s’ seat and teach and a place where the true joy of learning - that curious place inside that meets the world with awe and wonder - interfaces with radical approaches to education as a tool for social change.

We invite you to sit back, relax, enjoy the ride… oh, and don’t forget to pull the safety bar down over your lap, unless of course you can fly (which wouldn’t surprise us one bit).


Start with a taste

Check out some of our community offerings in your region to get a taste of SFU.  Like a cup of chai, they awaken you to the possibility of what more can come...


It Begins with Salt

Transformation begins at the ground of being and invites us to explore WHO we are, not just what we do.  Like salt, it enhances, heals, clears, and uplifts our innate gifts.  We invite you to begin at the foundation and start with one of our Salt courses...


a little bit of alchemy

Dive in!  Trust your intuition, get out your journal and pen, and explore whatever lights you up.  Take a blend of courses to create your unique experience of transformation.  After all, it's your life and you are the only mistress...  

Our concentrations

We offer various classes, workshops and trainings through SFU in each of our regions.   During our 18 year herstory, Shakti has found that women seek support in four essential areas of their lives ~ leading us to offer SFU courses in the following spheres:


If we did one thing at Shakti it would be this!  And if you start anywhere with Shakti, it should probably be here.  Tap into your feminine ground of being and step into transformation as a way of life.  

Salt Courses: Salt of the Earth, Salt of the Sea, 9 Gates of Awakening, Heart of Feminine Wisdom


Exploring healthy nutrition, movement and wellness, family and parenting paradigms and styles in relationship to the seasons and rhythms of our planet’s eco-systems.

Cinnamon courses:  Living the Seasons - Seasonal and Workshop


Fostering right livelihood (aka bringing forward the gifts of ancestors into right livelihood and contribution) in your life with our offerings around finances, resources and visionary strategic planning from the feminine.

Rosemary courses:  Women & Money, Sky to Dirt workshop


Cultivating 21st Century Leaders in our model of Embodied Feminine Leadership.  

Chili courses:  Bite the Apple, Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training, Karma Yoga