How can a feminine perspective serve your business and organization?  

Check out our various approaches to “doing it differently” and integrating transformation in the workplace.  Shakti Rising offers customized trainings and retreats based on the needs of your business or organization that are grounded in our business and therapeutic models.  

Popular offerings include the following:

Stress Management: Shakti recognizes the growing need for self-care and presence practices to be adopted into the cultures of entrepreneurial and social justice agencies.  CEO’s, Educators and non-profit service providers to name a few experience extremely high rates of turnover and burn-out due to a lack of sustainable personal practices, and supportive environments.  We work with community organizers, teachers, social workers, etc. to cultivate leaders that know how to remain present, sustain their energy and stay connected to the big WHY of the work they’re doing.

Strategic Planning: We design strategies using appreciative inquiry, emergent design and an asset-based perspective that remains oriented to the “why” or north star behind the plans we implement.  Shakti is process-oriented, knowing that transformation does not occur when we engage a linear pathway from A to B, but when we allow space for vision and play, often more effective and engaging solutions to our challenges emerge.

Heart-Centered Communication and Conflict Resolution: We can help your staff and team understand how we send and recieve information energetically, verbally and non-verbally and explores ways to be intentional and conscious through the multiple levels of communication that we engage, creating a more effective and clear working environment.

For Donors and Foundations: We host circles and conversations in Sufficiency, Generosity and Gratitude that draw from our asset-based, generative and relational Resource Development model that is grounded in “enoughness” and incorporates a lens of bio-remediation.  This spans all of our work as an essential component of Shakti’s therapeautic model.

Feminine Embodied Leadership: We train teachers and facilitators to lead from the feminine using expressive arts, eco-based, concentric, reflective and experiential learning techniques that teach to the key principles of: Embodied Feminine Leadership (EFL), Community Based Learning, and Sacred Container.  Learn more about our Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training program.

To learn more about bringing Shakti's courses into your region, contact our Visionary Director Shannon Thompson.