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Grow Your Believer 2019
Events, Activities & Resources


Your belief in us fortifies our own belief, reminds us we’re not alone and shows us possibilities we have not yet seen.

We’d like to get to know you, what matters to you and why Shakti’s work compels you - and we’d like you to get to know us better. We’d also really love for you to have your own direct experience of Shakti - in a way that is fun and works for YOU.

Let’s be clear - we know that time is our most valuable resource & that like us, your lives are full to the brim. Our invitations for you are not intended as YET ANOTHER THING TO DO. Trust us when we say - we don’t have time to waste and nor do you.

The facts are though, that sometimes the thing we think is EXTRA turns out to be the critical ingredient. So if you can, check out some of our offerings or even host something. We promise - you’ll be surprised by what occurs when you do!

2019 activities and events for Believers:

  • Bend, OR - Stay tuned - Email to RSVP and learn location details

  • Oakland, CA - Stay tuned - Email if you are interested in participating or hosting a shakti circle

  • San Diego, CA - Stay tuned - Email if you are interested in participating or hosting a shakti circle


Other ways to engage:

  • Attend or even host one of Shakti’s infamous ‘G- circles’, a generosity convo, or perhaps one of our unique Simplers (Transform or Restore). These have been done for teams at work, with book clubs and women’s circles, for friends and as an opportunity to get to know new people.

  • Visit one of our Shakti sites and meet our local teams

  • Have a cup of tea or walk with Christina

  • Or in any way that is meaningful to YOU.

Our Believer Garden workshop equips leaders like YOU to cultivate a resource rich perspective by

  • Exploration of key principles & applied practices (we call them the AC’s because they are electric!)
  • Ways to enliven & access your own Believer
  • Techniques to play with and redefine what is possible.

For more information about how to participate or bring to your community contact Christina.