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Why Giving Matters 

Giving is an act of gratitude and gratitude is the highest virtue.
Giving is getting involved, which is the antidote to isolation and community breakdown.
Giving from a place of generosity instead of obligation liberates our resourcefulness (and some resources!).

Giving has the potential to be a powerful and transformative force that affects change in both the giver and the receiver - sometimes for long after the gift was exchanged.
Giving can be planting seeds of a legacy

Our donors are willing to risk, invest and stand with us. It’s why we call you, our donors, our believers.

By giving to Shakti Rising you become part of a potent social change movement that is raising up women leaders and transforming culture in families, communities, and corporations. We are changing the lives of women and girls throughout the country, and even in some places around the world.  

Many of our greatest inventions and innovations came from people who were outrageous believers.


We Believe in ReSourcery

Resource Rich community development is Shakti Rising’s approach to creating regenerative ecosystems, where resources are cultivated, collectively held and utilized to build a vibrant, culturally rich & diverse democracy.  We know that soulful, transformative philanthropy centered in resource rich principles & practices is not only possible but essential.

Resource Rich is a remedy for scarcity,
Focusing on internal resourcefulness and sufficiency,
An orientation to the wise stewardship of all of our resources (not just financial)
Including time, talent, education, skills, perspectives,
spiritual connections and each individual's unique gifts.

This work is a fundamental component of Shakti’s model. The cultivation and transformation of donors and funders is a crucial part of a top to bottom, inside/out social change movement.


Cultivate sufficiency ~ explore your real capacity to contribute ~ harness the power of your belief

Gratitude ~ Generosity ~ Receptivity

Experience for yourself how living these qualities can transform people, companies and communities.

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Disrupting current systems of power & scarcity by growing wild Believers & resource rich communities