Shakti Rising is celebrating our 1 year anniversary

in SAcramento

Shakti Rising has blossomed in NorCal, and we are beaming with excitement! Here in the Sacramento Region, we have successfully launched a full roster of SFU classes, as well as a leadership training immersion called Wolves & Waterways. We also relocated the Transformational Recovery program to our neighborhood! We have settled into our Leadership House, Casa Luna Y Lobos, which has become a bustling hub, alive with the magic and love that is Shakti Rising. After a year of diligent and joyful work, we want to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary with you, as well as give you an opportunity to help us sustain and continue to grow all that we have manifested here in NorCal!

…a tantalizing array of activities, food, entertainment, awards, and ways to give!

…a tantalizing array of activities, food, entertainment, awards, and ways to give!

Sacramento Community Foundation's Big Day of Giving, is a ONE DAY on-line fundraising event happening May 2nd that connects nearly 600 non-profits in our region and generates several million dollars in unrestricted funding for participating organizations. 

Shakti Rising is participating in BDOG to support sustainable growth in our Sacramento region! Come to our live fundraising event on April 27th to feel the Magic that is Shakti NorCal!!

Ways to be a part of Big Day of Giving:

Attend our event

On April 27th, 2019 Shakti will be hosting a BDOG event at our Leadership House, Casa Luna Y Lobos.  Contact us here for more details...

Make a gift

Join thousands of Sacramento donors and support Shakti!  Every dollar raised during BDOG goes directly to Shakti programs in Sacramento. 

Tell your friends and family!!

We cannot wait to see you on April 27th, 2019, and celebrate our One Year Anniversary in Sacramento!

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