Start with a Taste of Shakti 

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Just like a spicy cup of Chai, Shakti is a full experience.  Sitting down for tea goes beyond consuming a beverage.  It is a ritual, filled with smell, taste, the comfort of a warm cup at your finger tips.  It is comforting, and often involves the company of loved ones.  An invitation for tea is an invitation to connect, reminisce, laugh, share and be in the company of community.

When we invite you into our community offerings, we are doing just that - inviting you to connect with us, experience the essence of Shakti, join with community and share your unique essence with us.  

Our menu:

  • Gratitude Circle
  • Self Care Simpler
  • Transformation Simpler

Host a Shakti Experience in your community

Bring a taste of Shakti into your workplace, home, or community group.  Our experiences are typically about 1-2 hours long and can be a powerful way to build trust and bring healing into different spaces.