Shakti Feminine University: Start with a Taste

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Just like a spicy cup of Chai, Shakti is a full experience. Sitting down for tea goes beyond consuming a beverage. It is a ritual, filled with smell, taste, the comfort of a warm cup at your finger tips. It is comforting, and often involves the company of loved ones. An invitation for tea is an invitation to connect, reminisce, laugh, share and be in the company of community.

When we invite you into our community offerings, we are doing just that - inviting you to connect with us, experience the essence of Shakti, join with community and share your unique essence with us.  

Our menu:


Gratitude Circle

In a world so often focused on scarcity and the pursuit of more, the practice of gratitude reminds us that we are, have, and do enough – More than enough! Although simple, gratitude has the power to fundamentally alter how we approach and experience life. It also has the power to forge connections, create momentum for action and serves as the thread that weaves people and communities together.

Because gratitude is medicine from the heart for the mind, and we know it is fundamental to individual and collective wellbeing. Join us this post-Thanksgiving to dive deep into Gratitude as a radical practice.

In this circle we will: learn about cutting-edge research on the impacts of gratitude, experience gratitude practices and build community.


Self-Care Simpler

In a world focused on the continual expectation of achievement, self-care can be a transformative practice, a remedy which reminds us: caring for ourselves is caring for all of Life. Guided by honesty, intuition, delight and the longing that speaks to each of us in a different voice, radical self-care plugs us back into ourselves, one another and is, ultimately, the difference between sustainability and burn--out.

In this circle you will: learn to engage self-care in any moment (rather than only during "time off"), and experience self-care practices and build community.


Transformation Simpler

Transformation as a way of life a core value, an essential orientation and the fire behind much of our work. specifically, a feminine-based alchemical transformation process that is about connecting to Life itself: following our soul/divine purpose, aligning with the life of the land (nature) and other beings, and the Shakti Rising within the collective.

... is about adopting a growth stance, and the practices that support this stance, and what occurs when we live our lives this way. It is not about fixing, avoiding, "figuring it out once and for all" or doing something once and "I'll be just fine."

It is about the intersection between the concept that we must "be the change we wish to see," meaning hold the resonance of new and emerging possibilities, and that our work is at the level of the collective, or wisdom communities. Holding this paradox is only possible through growth mindset.

Host a Shakti Experience in your community

Bring a taste of Shakti into your workplace, home, or community group.  Our experiences are typically about 1-2 hours long and can be a powerful way to build trust and bring healing into different spaces.  Interested? Reach out and we’ll be happy to explore what’s possible with you and your community.