Celebrating our 18th Birthday with gratitude, magic, and a vision of our future...

September 9, 2017

Thank you to every one of us who has been a part of this work for the last 18 years.  We now have collectively raised an 18 year old who will forge forward into the world in unpredictable ways; offering grace, dignity, and always, always inviting us home to ourselves.  

Our 18th bday was quite a partay!! 

.Music and dance and spoken word and little girls circles and men's circles - a microcosm of the world we are creating! 

With a lot more face painting, fairy wings, drumming, and mystical experiences in the town commons of our block!  

If you were with us, thank you for meeting us with GLITTER. LOVE. & GOODNESS.

If you weren't physically present, you were missed and certainl felt with us!  We thank you for holding space and invite you to anchor this threshold ll year long as we enter a monumental ea for Shakti's future work.

Read about how one Shakti woman honors the 18th year from Canada

For 18 years, you have helped to create what our vision in the world can be. On this day, we went "public" with such a vision, inviting the Kuleana (our sacred responsibility) to move toward the thing we want to see most in our community. Your messages of your commitment and the gifts you have to share are a powerful statement.

Our Kuleana Tree with Shiloh Sophia and graduate, Sarah Violet

Our Kuleana Tree with Shiloh Sophia and graduate, Sarah Violet

a huge gratitude to shiloh sophia

for facilitating a beautiful community art ritual that will grace our space for years to come.  We love and thank you!

Learn more about Shiloh Sophia and her amazing work.

We invite you to share a birthday gift and wish

with Shakti all season long.

We will add your wishes to our Blessing Tree that was created at the Birthday gathering, allowing these messages to share their blessings visibly across the whole neighborhood, and inviting the community to remember what we are creating, why it is possible and that together we matter.