Women & Money: San Diego

“We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.” – Gloria Steinem

What lessons and stories have been passed down to us about money and resources? Like any relationship, our connection with money is influenced by personal, family and cultural history. Unveil the myths around money and experience the truth of your financial situation while building the tools to be truly empowered about your life’s resources.

Through this class you will:

  • learn practical tools for tracking, budgeting and spending and saving consciously
  • explore the psychological and emotional entanglements that affect your relationship with money
  • discover the wealth of resources available to you
  • learn how your spending aligns with your values and hopes for your future.


San Diego

**Also available online

8 Week Class ~ Wednesdays, April 26th – June 14th

**Starting date extended!

11:00am -1:00pm

Sample this class with this quick video:

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