San Diego Classes

Salt of the Earth: San Diego

Salt of the Earth  Transformation is the journey on which your mind, body and spirit align into your most authentic Self. Ideal for women desiring to live more fully – whether seeking major change in their lives, or simply looking for a way to make a good life better – this Shakti sig
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Women & Money: San Diego

“We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.” – Gloria Steinem What lessons and stories have been passed down to us about money and resources? Like any relationship, our connection with money is influenced by personal, family and cultural history. Unveil the
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Skills for the Journey: San Diego

You are the heroine of your own personal myth – a story just as epic and magical as the ancient Greek myths, but even more powerful because it happened to you.  In this 8 week experiential class you’ll explore your life as a mythical heroine’s journey – uncovering what has brought you
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Sky to Dirt (co-ed): San Diego

Sky to Dirt Learn Shakti’s innovative and strategic planning model to draw on all of your internal resources and transform your vision into reality!  Sky-to-Dirt enables us to communicate our vision effectively, and bring meaning to everything we do. Through this workshop you wi
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The Heart of Feminine Wisdom: San Diego

The heart of Feminine wisdom lives within each of us. Join us in reclaiming the true power of our hearts as individuals, in ALL of our relationships and as a collective heart, connected with the heart of the Earth Herself. This 4-hour experiential workshop will be a deep dive into the
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Shakti Rising