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“Dignity is already inside us;  the risk is to demonstrate it.” – Michael James

2017 is here, and already the divisions in our country are widening, rather than diminishing.
Now is a time of choice – for our country, and for each of us with a role to play in deciding our future. Will we choose to isolate, deny, and, alienate? Or approach, inquire, and unite?

While you may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of this moment, beneath the chaos is clarity, dignity, and purpose, and we who know what is at stake must choose action over paralysis.

Shakti Rising is ready to act. We have always known what is at stake. For nearly 20 years we have been working steadily to restore democracy by restoring the sacred feminine in our communities, one woman at a time.

Now is a time for choice and action.
Will you choose to rise to your dignity?

In direct response to the uncertainty and disorientation in our country, we are expanding Shakti Feminine University, a multi-disciplinary program of citizen-based study that trains Embodied Feminine Leaders - radical community educators and change-makers committed to building resilience, courage, and bridges of understanding in their own communities and beyond.  

Now is your opportunity to support this critical work.  

Help us raise $60,000 today.

Your investment will support Shakti Rising in reaching these goals by:
  • Facilitating on-the-ground activist education in Shakti’s 4 formal regions to over 1,000 students.
  • Providing in-depth training for 30+ women to become radical feminine leaders doing frontline social change work as educators, community organizers, mothers, executives, social workers and more, collectively impacting over 10,000 individuals.
  • Supporting Shakti Feminine University in providing education to sister communities worldwide, including the Hopi Nation, Appalachian Tennessee, and Kenya.
  • Expanding Shakti’s educational offerings into a robust online platform to reach students nationwide and create true grassroots mobilization.  

Help us reach our $60,000 goal

Number of People Who Donated: 27

Total Amount Raised: $34,940

Updated: 6/28/2017

I say YES to Shakti Rising and to our future and I am ready to make my contribution.   

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