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Shakti Rising is fostering our vision of social change through the innovative education and leadership services of Shakti Feminine University (SFU).  SFU is a progressively accessible approach to empowering women and girls to be socially conscious leaders and agents of transformation. 

It has been made clear by the international community that when women are healthy, educated and seen as leaders in society, the benefits extend far beyond themselves – positively impacting their families, friends and entire communities.  Therefore, SFU is building an interconnected web of transformational women leaders using practices, paradigms, approaches, and solutions from The Feminine.

We offer various classes, workshops and trainings through SFU in each of our regions.   During our 16 year herstory Shakti has found that women seek support in four essential areas of their lives ~ leading us to offer SFU courses in the following spheres:


Transform ~ If we did one thing at Shakti it would be this!  And if you start anywhere with Shakti, it should probably be here:  Tap into your feminine ground of being and step into transformation as a way of life with our 9 Gates of Awakening, Salt of the Earth and Salt of the Sea courses!

Live ~ Explore wellness, parenting, family and/or movement in community with our seasonal gatherings, such as Living the Seasons, wherein we allow the Seasons to guide our cooking, nutrition and movement in community.  

Sustain ~ Come into Right Livelihood in your life with our offerings around finances, resources and even strategic planning from the feminine.  Learn our Strategic Planning Process inspired by bio-mimicry and the feminine with Sky to Dirt.

~ Lead the way we do!  Take our Practical Alchemy Facilitator Training as an entry point to our Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training Program; contact your local director to join us in Transformation through Service and take our Model training.

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