Bend ~ Oregon

   Shakti Is Formally Launching in Bend Oregon!

temple blessing bend


 2150 NE Studio Rd. Apt. #A-5

July 31st. Full moon. Blue moon. Observance of the Celtic lunar festival of Gwyl Awst. And a special day of ritual and blessing anchoring the grand opening of the new Temple!

Join us for an evening of delightful experience, ritual and ceremony, a journey into the mists of Avalon, conversations that matter, a silent auction and nourishing food and drinks reflecting the beginning of the harvest season!

As a community of practitioners sharing space together – including Sol Alchemy, Shakti Rising, Kaira Sherman, Dolly Stavros, Alzada Magdalena, Bend Zendo and other special guests – we are honored to open and share our new home and Temple.

We would love if you could come and stay for the whole evening, though we also welcome folks dropping in!!! Please invite and bring friends, family, kiddos and loved ones

Shakti Rising