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Once there was a girl whose heart had been locked up. Her voice had been taken and her spirit chained to a great stone at the bottom of the deepest ocean. She felt totally alone and powerless, trudging through the endless desert. One day, she came to an oasis and found there a circle of wise women, waiting for her. They washed her feet and held her while she cried and cried. Together they unlocked her heart, reclaimed her voice, and swam through the ancient waters to untether her soul…

Once there was a girl… Now there is a priestess…

Such is the story of the Apprentices that come through the Shakti Rising Transformational Recovery Program, a dynamic, evidence based program for women 15-30 years old that comprehensively addresses co-existing issues such as:

  • depression and low self-esteem
  • substance abuse
  • codependency
  • anxiety
  • disordered eating
  • physical, emotional or sexual trauma
  • grief or loss


The Shakti Rising Apprenticeship is a sisterhood that provides the support and tools for women to tap into their own wisdom, power and resiliency, ultimately reclaiming their whole selves and becoming leaders within their families, social networks, and communities. Women work with an integrated team addressing their mind, body, and spirit through various healing modalities including:

  • whole-person focused education
  • individual and group therapeutic sessions
  • yoga, dance and expressive movement
  • shamanic journeying
  • meditation
  • nutritional counseling
  • a blend of Eastern, Western and naturopathic medicine
  • expressive arts therapy
  • energy healing and more…


The Sunshine House is home to our Live-In Apprentices, and second home to our Live Out Apprentices who enjoy the same services and level of care without living on the property. Our Community Apprenticeship provides individualized counseling packages to women of all ages. All programs are crafted to meet you where you’re at in your healing journey.

Take a bold step towards your soul’s purpose. Contact Teri Hedman or call 619-501-2746 for information or to schedule an assessment for yourself or another woman in need.

Apprentices delve into their self-recovery journey through seasonal retreats, classes, workshops and therapeutic groups in 4 concentrations:

  • Give rise to the feminine ground of being within you through an exploration of intuition, mysticism, and a spirit-led life.

    Classes include: Salt of the Earth, Salt of the Sea, 9 Gates of Awakening, Skills for the Journey, More Skills for the Journey, Persephone’s Journey and more…

  • Explore health, sisterhood, rituals, and personal sustainability through our wellness and urban homesteading classes.

    Classes include: Living the Seasons, Wellness Workshops, Healthy Relationships Group, our Garden Project and more…

  • Dive into sacred commerce, the economics of caring, community building, ownership, sufficiency, and right livelihood.

    Classes include: Women & Money I & II, Debt Workshop & Solvency Group, Women, Money & Food, Unlimiting Your Beliefs and more…

  • Discover your unique purpose in the world and how to bring it forth through activism, strategic vision, soul work, partnership, and facilitation.

    Classes include: Alchemy of Leadership, Karma Yoga, Transformation Through Service and more…

Rest to Manifest

Restorative Stays in the Sunshine House!
In a balance system, for every energy or force there must be a counter balance. As powerful and courageous women, despite our best self-care practices and love of our fabulous lives, we all need a few days sometimes of deep restoration and nourishment.

As available, contact Shakti Rising San Diego to inquire about a customized personal retreat in the Sunshine House!

$50 per night (can be packaged with other services)

Schedule your visit today!

Seasonal Apprenticeship

Dive in for one season
Take the deep dive for a season and step boldly into uncovering, discovering, and reclaiming your whole self! Shakti’s Intensive Apprenticeship is now available for a season! Come live for three months at the Sunshine House and experience a customized, intensive immersion experience of transformation, recovery, and cultivation of your leadership. Cost includes all services and room & board.

Full cost: $5400 or $1800/month for 3 months ~ scholarship and payment plans available!

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Revision Your Life

Extending this Spring, you can purchase a package combining a Salt course or 9 gates course with 4 transformation individual sessions.

These packages are available in all formal Shakti regions. Limited number of packages and prices vary by region!

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Spend Your Summer in the Sunshine House!
This Summer spark you passion into action with an intensive seasonal apprenticeship with Shakti Rising! Immerse Your Self in our model of transformation and leadership for an embodied Heart boost. A 3 month deep dive into living and breathing the Shakti way as you stay with us in our San Diego Sunshine house! You will receive an individually crafted package including classes, groups, individual sessions, leadership cultivation and support in creating a service learning project as you call up the leader your heart has been beckoning forward. Packages may include: ~ signature Shakti offerings include Salt of the Earth, the 9 Gates, Heart of Feminine Wisdom and Living the Seasons ~ opportunity to receive a level 1 certification in Healing Touch ~ yoga membership at a nearby studio as well and surf lessons! [We are offering this special seasonal leadership package at $1800 per month. This includes your room and board, food, classes, groups, workshops, individual sessions, leadership development] If you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact the Transformational Recovery Director, Teri Hedman at

Shakti Rising