Our Model


The Shakti Rising Model is the framework that helps guide the way forward. While there are specific components to The Model, it is a living thing that cannot always be understood with the mind. Shakti Rising teaches how to embody this fully with all aspects of ourselves – mind, body, spirit.

The 7 pillars of the Shakti Rising model are: 

Trauma-Informed, Women-Centered, Holistic, Expressive-Arts-Based, Community-Based, Sustainable, Leadership-Oriented  Learn More Here

Why Women and Girls?

Shakti Rising’s belief in the power of women and girls to change the world is supported by substantive research and significant trends. An investment in women and girls has greater economic and social returns than any other, with women and girls being more likely to use the resources they have to improve the lives of those around them. For instance, it has been found that an educated girl will invest 90% of her future income in her family, compared to 35% for a boy. As the UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet summarizes:

“When women are healthy and educated, and can participate in the economy, the benefits extend to their children, communities and nations. Poverty and malnutrition decline, living standards improve and economic growth increases.”As such, Shakti Rising believes that a woman’s personal transformation is the first step to creating far-reaching social change. When a woman is transformed it inspires and empowers her to become an agent of change not only for herself, but also for her family, friends and entire community. In this way it puts in place a “ripple effect” that has impact on the individual, community and, ultimately, societal levels.

Our Impacts    where our work meets best practices throughout the world

Since Shakti Rising’s inception, we have built a powerful track record of success – impacting the lives of more than 1,000 women. Shakti has established a reputation in the community based on the integrity of service provision, the leadership of staff and graduates, and an 80% success rate with a population dealing with multiple addictions, co-existing mental and physical health issues, histories of traumatic occurrences, and prior treatment failures. Although Shakti Rising is committed to serving women in the local community, approximately 30% of the women in the residential program come from out-of-state. Our unique model and high success rate have drawn interest across the country, creating opportunities for replication and partnership in other states. Shakti’s innovative evaluation standards have become an exemplar in the San Diego community, referenced by prominent funders as a best practice in both design and execution.

Community Development

In order to create this increased quality of life in our communities we strategically invest in women and girls. This is because extensive research confirms that investing in women’s health, education and leadership ripples out to improve not only women’s lives, but the food, healthcare, home and schooling systems that impact all of us. It is not only an investment in women and girls – it is an investment in the livelihood and quality of our community.

 Over 15 Years of History working with women and girls!  Read about the origin of our social movement here…


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