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Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training

Shakti Rising’s Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training is a feminine-centered training model of leadership, empowerment and facilitation. This program weaves a link between personal healing and social change, which are both at the foundation of true embodiment of any and all teaching material.

As you progress in the Certification Program as a ‘Shaktified’ facilitator, you can expect to experience spirituality in practice, to seep in deep intuition of the feminine, and to feel the depth of practical application. Individuals will learn to hold space for the dark and the light as they dance between the masculine and feminine energies in their own lives and in the world. Inherently, human beings are reactive until they are awakened. This program is designed to awaken you to your fullest potential as an individual, as an agent of social change and as a teacher to others.

The certification program provides on-going supervision, mastery in transformational leadership and one-on-one support. Upon completion, individuals will be thoroughly prepared to lead Shakti Rising curriculum with diverse communities, integrate Shakti facilitation skills into unique institutions and organizations, and develop applications for practice and education programs.

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