New Mexico

 Bienvenido a Shakti NM!


We are the NM Shakti Tribe…

A sisterhood of dynamic women, dedicated to transformation as a way of life and living the Heart of Shakti together.  Our Invitation is for You to Join Us!

If you are curious about what we’re up to but not ready to commit to a class or workshop, please join us for Shakti Shareware – free community offerings that foster a feminine ground of being through radical gratitude and Self-care or find us on Facebook here!

Not sure where to start:  Take Salt of the Earth or another class that calls to you.  You can find testimonies from our NM students here…the proof is in the pudding dear ones 😉

Service Journey:  We would love for you to explore your leadership and service in community with us. Additionally, if you want to volunteer, we highly recommend you partake in our services because Shakti Rising is an alchemical journey wherein one’s own inner healing and service to the world join together.

Fill out a volunteer application here.

Meet Our NM Advisory Board! 

Daisy Maldonado

Meet Daisy

Yvonne El Ashmawi

Meet Yvonne

Johana Bencomo

Meet Johana

Stephanie Preciado-Shelton

Meet Stephanie

Monica Giron

Meet Monica

Mary Nunez

Meet Mary

Karla Fernandez

Meet Karla

Shakti Rising