Garden as Portal to Transformation

At Shakti Rising, the Garden is a microcosm of the Great Mother and She is where so much of the magic of Transformation comes from and returns to in the greatest cycle of Life, Shakti Rising. Beginning with our roots, in the dirt, is pathway to reclaiming our individual and collective wholeness. This is the opportunity that lives in the garden of the Sunshine House (Shakti Rising’s San Diego home) which we call the Garden of Eve*.

The garden is a living lab, wherein opportunities abound to experience the 7 pillars of Shakti Rising’s cutting-edge model, which are: Sustainable, Experiential, Holistic, Community-based, Trauma-Informed, Expressive-Arts, Women-Centered.

The garden holds profound opportunities for healing and leadership cultivation – amidst the many, here is some of what She offers:

Releasing the idea that some people have a Green Thumb and others do not; that gardening is an inherent quality. We all have the capacity to be in relationship with Her and She will expand our wisdom as we continue the path.

Reconnection to people as a deeply integrated aspect of the Natural World – you are the Natural World!

Regenerating of trust to the self as you learn to play in the dirt and allow experience to shape your wisdom of Her!

Renewing our relationship to time and space – the seasons teach us that there is a season for all things and in all things, there are beautiful gifts as well as opportunities for new growth.

Reclaiming our experience of tribe as we discover the joy of being in the labor of love as a shared experience and sharing the fruit of our collective and creative labor.

The garden is also the doorway to activating the energy of the seasonal cycle in your life, which in San Diego, can sometimes be challenging with season’s that are not always climatically distinct. The energy of the seasons may be captured in Shakti Rising’s seasonal themes, which are:

Fall: Uncover Your Roots
Winter: Be Present to Your Darkness
Spring: Rebirth Your Wild Feminine
Summer: Spark Your Passion into Action

As these themes open the door to truly experiencing the Season Cycle on a multi-dimensional level, you will find that your relationship to the Natural World will be transformed! Our garden is the portal for this experience and we invite you to join us!

Whether you have only dreamed of expressing your inner gardener or have been on the path of Gardener for many moons, please step in into the alchemy of Garden of Eve!

Want to get involved? Get started by submitting your volunteer application!

*The Sunshine house garden was recently christened the Garden of Eve as inspired by the amazing talk given by Eve Ensler at Bioneers 2014 where she retells the story of Adam and Eve. Check it out!

Shakti Rising